Shiwani Chawla

Imagine your neurons behaving strangely someday,
Making your body feel so light for one day,
Dissolving its trunk and turning it into vapours,
And your arms and legs start waving as feathers.

Imagine you start rising and reach the thunderhead,
You’re welcomed by a sunbird in blue and red,
And offered the nectar with a song, soft and a little loud
And get absorbed in the melody and merged in the cloud.

Imagine vapours of your body start mixing with that of water,
You condense along with them and fall over the trees waiting to shower,
And Into the mouth of valley standing parched in the desert,
And over the farmer’s future crop waiting to spurt.

Imagine yourself as a bubble dancing on the skyline,
Or a dew drop on the leaves of vine,
Reflecting and dispersing the rays of sunshine,
Becoming a rainbow, with every cell of the body arranged in parabolic line.

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