Illusionist Illustration

Vigya Kaul

Cells are building blocks to life.

Humanity is its basic philosophy.
Dreams blossom the sanctity of logistics
the way nutrients build robustness in a cell's life.

How often does a dream pause on your eyes?

Understanding it needs a simple realisation.
Every occurrence has hidden causes.
Melting of rocks, support from the mantle pressure and volcano find the cracks to erupt.
Likewise, inundation of water droplets suspend in air.
Light disperses to form a rainbow , an aesthetic joy to sight.

The serpents enchant you with the beauty and danger of a near dear.
A snake could mean upheld desires waiting to be unleashed.
It is a fantastical sentiment.
Emanating from the run-of-the-mill scenarios.
It puts spokes in the wheels of the horror,
Stops whilst the release.
Term it 'utopian' only when not followed through the logic of little omens called 'dreams'.

Dripping to eternity.
The smile of an infant.
Its play with her genetical.
Nudge to societal expressions.
Blossoms faith in dire times.

An artistic approach to paint the stoic.
Let the subconscious meet the conscious.
Dreams are the counter to what disturbs emotions.
Drawing imaginations, encircling definition of entirety.
Its resilience turns the sombre to reinvigoration.
Sometimes it forecasts its genre as 'horror'.

Where slithering out, accosting loses all the Energy.
The reflection of pragmatic approach.
With an added spice of the peeked fantasy.
Multilateralism in its existence stays forever.
Dreams need no introduction, no conclusion.
Daydreaming about an illusionistic illustration.

Every mind lives here, satisfactorily.
Has it been the path of your journey
Or has it been folded blindly by need of success?
Here comes a time:
The picture floats fleetingly by
the sight where what is seen, doesn't let drifting out become possible.
The sheep dancing to the tunes of blaze.
The building stands under construction.

Hey, the blaze doesn't feel horrendous.
Its not the success I want to grab.
Nor does the sheep cry in pain.
It is not the succumbed emotion ablaze.
It is a process!

In such situations, erupt some mysterious artefacts.
No wonder!
The scientific traits of the father are under play.
Experimenting with the nail.
The response to the connection is probably what determines your fate.
Go by the nook of your head.
Someone else's virtuosic won't make you hold the trail.

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