If you are upset

By Prachi Agrawal

If you are upset, 

Look into my eyes,

for they will tell you

How much they want to see you smile. 


If you are broken and are looking for yourself,

Take my arms, 

For that is the place, 

Where you will find yourself wrapped inside. 


If you ever feel bored,

Have a word with my feet,

For they will accompany you for a walk,

Till the end of their life. 


If you ever feel unloved,

Talk to my pen.

It will whisper and enlighten you, 

About the love for you- that my heart hides. 


If you are at loss of words, 

And still wish to be heard.

Look up for my heart,

For it wants to listen to your silence. 


If you ever feel alone,

Just for once, ask my heart.

For it will tell you

How much it wants to stay with thee. 


And if you still feel lonely,

Just peep inside yourself.

For somewhere around there,

Resides a piece of me.


  • Wonderful poem topper.
    Really it touched my heart. Very deep meaning. appreciate ur work.

    Sumit Agrawal
  • I always admire your work not because we are relatives, it’s because your imagination is so perfact that I can connect it so softly and coming out from the new world take time !!! With love

    Punit Agrawal
  • Wonderful..?
    miss uh prachi chachi..

    Yash (Toni) :p
  • This poem is simply wonderful for it explores the unspoken words of every heart- the one for which it cares for. Simply Beautiful. Loved it

  • I love this so much. The imagery is too clear. Very touching and basic. Keep it up.

    Yadawanka Pala
  • Beautiful lines…

  • This one is lovely ❤
    Keep writing and spreading smiles.
    Love ya!


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