If Not Her

By Rishab Garg

Vacations ended and exams upon the head  

Despite all the preparations brains invariably dead 

Few hours left made everyone totally stressed

Still there were seen books all over messed

Time being less, Mind was entirely blown

Surrounded by books, still found oneself alone

The tired eyes searched for a nap

What all we needed was a gap

Possibility of passing the exam was really dim

Yet it was her thoughts that grasped him

Switched on the mobile and ate a pie

Heart expected from her a “HI”

Curiously he opened the messages

Happily, there wasn’t a single text but typed passages

Started reading with excitement but then gave a glare

Because it wasn’t her but the customer care

Opened her chat, saw her online

Despite all this, poor he thought she could be mine

Feelings went away, all teared

Felt joyful because if not her but, at least someone cared.

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