Identity :understanding the term

Sneha Kaushik 

Identity is the qualities, beliefs, personality, looks, gender, religion, occupation, social status, relationships and /or expressions that make a person (self-identity as emphasised in psychology) or group (collective identity as pre eminent in sociology). One can regard the categorising of identity as positive or as destructive . A psychological identity refers to self-image, self- esteem and individuality.
Consequently , Peter Weinreich gives the definition :
" A person's identity is defined as the totality of one's self- construal , in which how one construes oneself in the present express the continuity between how one construes oneself as one aspires to be in the future ".
Theory based definitions are sometimes not enough to understand the term of identity. To understand the term of identity , one needs to connect it to the beings in a social life .
Identity , it is something that centres around a life of a person . Sometimes the identity is everything to a person and sometimes, someone doesn't even know about their self - identity just because they fear to explore their inner - self. And it happens to many, it happens because we all people are somewhat responsible who doesn't allow or let someone decide for themselves. One identity carries lots of responsibilities, rules, ethics, limitations norms which sometimes affects the person holding it. In the competition of proving oneself people hides their own true self and tries to fake identity which displays the personality.
What is identity ? The answer is : identity is something that people holds as a certificate which permits them to live in a society and that certificate is the self portrait view of oneself but set according to 'what others wants and thinks' .
Why we need to know about identity ? The answer is : we need to know about it because this is necessary. By understanding the true meaning of identity , we will be confident enough to explore ourselves with honesty.
Generally, our identity should not be based on what others wants us to be. Why always a man needs to proof that he is a man and why a woman always needs to proof that she is a woman by behaving a way. We all know that she is a woman and he is man by the outer appearance and just because the physical appearance categories the gender that should not lead to the identity categorisation . One should be completely free in their thoughts, personalities, styles, needs and so on. Having freedom without misusing it is a identity by itself .
People are identified by religion, gender, caste, fame, name etc etc. People are already being categorised by all these since ages. And now in modern days , why people are getting judged for their love interests ?? Some are getting identified by categorising on the basis of whom they love .
According to me, why one needs to be categorised based on love. Since it has been mentioned everywhere, let's discuss the love identity. What is actually love ? Does love has any rules of where to love, when to love, whom to love and how to love ? I think love is free and it happens when it has to happen to anyone, anywhere, anyplace. God created love, feelings, emotions, attractions and God created human beings. The only important thing should be love and trust, when there is love and trust, there would be no complications .
" Don't let anyone stop you fly.
If anyone does, they will never let you fly again.
You are free, free to create your own freedom, So, stand for yourself for good .
Everyone deserves to be happy, So do you ".
~ by me (personal thought)
Identity crisis : It happens because people cannot get satisfaction in what they have, they need more. People cannot share and accept, which leads to frustration and conflicts.
Hiding true self, escape , absconding, elopements ; these things happens because the society is judging every single being everyday . Where the love must be accepted and embraced with open arms, there love get judgements. One should start a petition which promotes accept everyone in their any uniqueness .
With the fear of what will others think, one suppresses their true feelings, aims, dreams, emotions and that ultimately leads to frustration and conflicts.
One should know and understand that identity is important but not to be categorised , but to express oneself openly without any fear .
Identity is Identity , neither a male or a female , neither he or a she . Identity is the quality, one holds . After reaching a certain period of age group, people starts identifying themselves. They try to identify who they are and what they needs and with every identification they wants people to understand them and to accept them as them .
"Acceptance and forgiveness will give you the most beautiful relief in heart you will ever get in life .
Try to accept because it clears the mind , try to forgive because it reduces the pain.
Don't give the pain because you experienced it,
Just give love instead , because you needed it.
Try it and feel what it feels to do so ".
~by me (self thought) .
Therefore, we should know that race, nationality, gender, sexuality, family have an impact on who we are as individuals , because these things put some of the rules and limitations on our minds which stops us from knowing our true emotions . Every good rules set by parents is good because they wants to protect us. But the rules which compels us to be one of them without knowing our thoughts on that is not good. Don't be illegal but be legal with logical points .
Apart from our names, fames, gender, religion, occupation, relationships, we are individuals and human beings ; equals.
One's identity is a blessing, never hide who you are as a person , understand yourself first then justify your thoughts to others . You will take a stand, you will win if the intentions are good and positive .
One should not see a person as a male and female, straight, lesbian and gay , minor and major , rich and poor, low and high , fat and thin , tall and short, black and white, intelligent and average and so on. Instead see a person as an equal human being like you and me. If needed to categorise then categories on the basis of kindness, right and wrong, legal and illegal, qualities etc.
First be a human being yourself to have a human in your life. Identity is important for our recognition, identity should not be polluted by judgements which are baseless . We are educated, civilised and updated , but still somewhere there in someplace people are facing difficulties in accepting the fact about themselves. It's necessary to spread the real meaning of identity, because everyone has it and before having it everyone struggles in many ways .
To conclude the topic, I want to express that acceptance is needed when we are in need of change. The conclusion closes with the fact that identity is all about what we think, feel and want to be as an individual, that's why to protect our identity it is important to hold the truth and express yourself .
Thank you .

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