Identity Crisis

Varsha Mishra

What's my identity?
I can't figure it out rightly.
Is it that I lost it somewhere,
In that rat race of proving myself?

With every step I take,
all those decisions I make,
Take me to the dead end,
To the roads without a bend.

Is it called the 'Identity Crisis'
Or crisis of something else?
And yet I hope the best for myself.
Did anyone identify me??
I am a daughter, a sister,
And what not.
Yes, the society defined me,
But how do I define myself?

I dwell upon finding my identity,
My identity that I can identify.
I am a proud woman yet not a feminist.
I love myself, but not a narcissist.
I may be sentimental but no romanticist.
and I have no regrets as I think about it.

I am the creator of my thoughts,
Thoughts that make me a wanderer
Wanderer in my own space as I prefer.
And yes, meditation is my elixir of life,
Something that I still do strive.

Nonetheless sometimes I stifle and strife,
Yet never do I ever trifle my mind.
My goals, goodwill, my regrets and my failure define me.
And all gave me a de novo experience as it be.
Yes,Sometimes I do have those shades of gray,
Nevertheless, they too define me.
As I see myself grow as a person,
I be humble and determined,
Focussed and no deterrent.

Realising that my identity,
Is my own choice appositely,
I accept all my right and wrongs
With all my glee.


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