Learning the meaning of the term after a certain age
Trueness of being who you are
Walking on path made by you
Sometime standing on crossroad
Choosing right and wrong path
Make you strong and think twice before taking any decision
Bring enhancement in all way to shine brightly…….
People and surrounding in which you live, shape your character and behavior
Interacting with the persons open mind for alternate options
Ambition and passion that have been ignored
Doubting skills and knowledge learned
Pushes to compete with weakness hidden
Compelling to Step outside the comfort zone
Knocking inside to reconstruct something better……
Dreams that have never dreamed
Hiding deep down having no clue
Smiling fondly on discovering something new
Realizing and knowing oneself better
As coin has two sides, people do also have
One that reside in heart willing not to show and
Other which everyone is familiar with…
With the passage of time changing attitude to deal with situation
Having firm determination to face the challenges occurring
Laughing, dreaming and staying faithful for hard work…
Going through past years regretting chance not grabbed
Tasting the flavor of success and failure
Expectation seen in everyone eyes
Feeling low but at the same time having trust
Teaching us to keep walking….
With all these circumstances coming in way,
One thing is sure that it will bring the best in you
Creating identity in all form
Building confidence brings maturity
Reflecting the real you…
Your nature and character, strength and weakness,
Inside you is the reflection of your true self as an individual
Sometime there are things you want to share
But fear of breaking down in front of your loved ones is painful,
Hurting them is not a good option,
Seeing them happy and laughing out loud
Give strength to tackle every situation
Dealing with it can be harder but with smiling face everything goes well
The true nature of person is glowed with its inner thought of happiness….
Family plays an important role in framing the person you are
Support and care, guidance and direction, nurturing in every aspect
Making us acquaint with different facet of life
Expectation, dreams, goal, love, anger, jealousy, contentment, dealing with people and many
Describe your overall temperament
As we grow we come to know different angle of ourselves
Seeing transition within the journey seems like, riding a rollercoaster
Shouting, enjoying having fun like a kid and being independent
Respecting and being proud of growing as who I am
Choice rests with you to grow and develop as individual….
The world we live in has its own identity that teaches us to,
Travel with the flow of time and transform accordingly,
Live and adapt with the environment…..
Identity, having different forms,
Defined and seen differently by different people
A self-drawn image to live with and
An ongoing process to discover ones soul

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