Shristi Singh

Sarcastically, we are physically bounded by the walls and mentally can reach infinity. Like every curious human, who failed many times but never defined herself as failure, whose interrogating mind had been thinking about what I am upto? and how I am going too? Is my recognisation is my Id proof ? List of titles which have been faded away. From being recognised by my enroll no. in exams to be identified as favourite topic between aunties because i failed in tenth. My identity as an insane one among people whom I call friends because I belive in philosophy. My identity as illiterate as I ink my thoughts in paper but sometimes neglects grammar . My identity as a good cook because I boil maggi exactly as they want. My identity as a cultured women because i speak less and have sweet voice. All in one, identifying this questioning body as "they" want. But as humans are never satisfied, They certainly cannot fullfill my answer to questions of Who am I? Instead Time modified my questions to Why is life ?What is life? And How is life ? Obviusly an human body made up of cells inhaling oxygen and exhaling Carbon dioxide is what we defined as I am and the process of breathing as Life. This Answer may satisfy my one part of brain but other one still questions the same. May be the answer lies in Accpetance of my own. May be my identity is just as I identify me. May be I am is who I am.
And may be this recognisation pops within you when You can feel the change inside you and outside them . May be I can be self . May be I am and so are you.

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