Abhishek Chaudhuri

Movies and comics have made wearing a mask a hero’s accessory
But is hiding your true identity really necessary?
We all wear masks in one way or the other
Hiding the real self- turning into a shudder
Its okay to not be the perfect guy or the perfect girl or as the societies desire
Being different sets you apart from the rest and gives you the wings to fly even higher
The journey definitely won’t be easy with obstacles aplenty
But living that life and not caring about what others say is definitely worth every penny
The World needs to be explored is what people say but I tend to disagree
The most important adventure is self-exploration and unlocking yourself with a different key
Your color, sex, occupation, religion and orientation really doesn’t matter
It’s best to unravel oneself and let the norms shatter
You can be anyone they say
So why not just be yourself every day!

Yours Truly

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