I Say

By Harsita Hiya

I say I want to sing a song
My friends they 
Push me on a stage and tell me I sound 
"So very much like Ronan Keating"
I say I want to hunt, to shoot
My boss he tells me
"Go for the geese, if you really must
The partridges are always a little too tricky"
I say I want to fly
My mother she vehemently insists
"Son, what you're missing is a nice red cape, Shall I go right now, stitch a brand new one?"
I say I want to kiss a man
And I stand there waving at one, at all
At every wall, Ice Cold, standing tall,
As no one turns to look my way.


  • Loved it.

    Karan Kumar
  • Congratulations. Continue your best. Good luck .Love you. .

    Anurupa Bora
  • Thank you so very much to all for these uplifting words :)

    Harshita Hiya
  • Hiya, the hidden point of reference is beautifully couched in the literal surface. I enjoy it. Keep writing.

    Kamal Mama from Nagaon

    kamal saikia
  • This is beautiful.

    Not a pretty face
  • Short and poignant. I loved the poem!

    Divya Mondal

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