I overcame

By Satyamedh Aniruddha Nandedkar

My phonebook contacts, I scrolled really fast

Wondering when I had, a good conversation, last

Companionship to me, had become a thing of past

Loneliness had forced the flag to fly, but half mast


At times I wanted to discuss, the problems real

At others, there were, some matters really trivial

A patient and willing ear, was hardly ever around

But ‘checking-in’ on Facebook, they were often found


To these emotional crutches, accustomed, I had grown

Once deprived, I felt, into a bottomless pit thrown

Others mattered more to me than me

It was becoming just unbearable, you see!


What was this ‘loneliness’, I then thought?

And with my own thoughts, I often fought

But the answer was there, my eye, it caught

And I realised, what was it, that I sought


I wanted someone… Why?


To allay my fears

To wipe my tears

To enjoy meals with me

To tell how good I could be

Someone to binge watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S with

Someone to ape all those trends with



But this ‘someone’ always remained, for a weeks few

And alone again I would be stranded, on a vacant pew

So, in my left hand, I finally gave in my right

And this loneliness, I decided, to give a fight


A so-called companion, was but a cynic or a sycophant

And on his wishy-washy opinions, I had grown dependent

I couldn’t find myself, in this cacophonous melee

All I really needed, was my own self, truly


To befriend myself, I decided that day

And keep all externals, now at bay

Comfortable I suddenly became, in my own skin

Spiralled down the need of pointless kith and kin


My own company, to me, was now enjoyable

Was finally coming true, what seemed like a fable

Loneliness had metamorphosed into a quiet solitude

And for that I was filled, with eternal gratitude




  • Thanks Sanya

  • Nice poem.

  • Thank you so much Niyati!!

  • *liked

    Niyati Gangwar
  • The structure of your poem has been well articulated. I likes the last few lines the best

    Niyati Gangwar
  • Thanks Rishika:-)

  • “I wanted someone…why?”

    Brilliantly put Satyamedh :)


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