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Rajath K Rajeev

Breathe the aroma back into me,
Because I can feel it vaporizing;
I can see it fading.
I can sense a kind of resilience in you,
Which once you looked as a - 
'Sincere cynicism';
And that was a feeling of Love,
Lying so far - 
As far as I can remember.
In the sleepy hours when you tried to wake ourselves up,
I kissed you softly and you know;
It reminds me of how it feels to kiss the winds - 
Whispering the 'oh-so' fairy tale.
I don’t know why you ceased blowing
That was like 'The Tragedy';
Storms broke on the hills, 
Snow filled with tears,
And then you departed;
Leaving the catheterized aroma - Evaporated.
After all these, you were happy,
I could guess your 'happy-sad' eclipse;
You were sad like sun covered by the moon,
One minute you were shiny, 
The next you were pure gloomy.
I still see the stars in your eyes,
And my favorite concave at cheek.
But, only in the cobwebs of my, 'not-so dusted' head!
The night is still young,
But it has already suffered;
More than it could endure,
Like a theory being unfolded.
But, Don't get me wrong!
I know your heart, beats; 
Getting louder, shattering glass!
But, I am not going after your heartbeats,
I'm no longer chasing something - 
That led me to this place.
All I'm saying is,
Maybe if we let ourselves join, 
We can create a compound from those broken elements;
Maybe if we let our destinations get tangled,
We won’t have to walk a long way only to face our dead ends.
All I'm saying is, 
Your paper is empty and my heart is full of ink, 
So can we bleed? 
Just for this night?

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