I fell in love, Again

Shikha Singh

I fell in love, Again.
But this time,
Someone I gained.
With the person,
I always had by my side,
No matter what went off,
Or what reside.
I fell in love with my body,
Which was somewhat round,
And curvy.
"You are like potato"
This was the constant sound
and suddenly I lost weight,
How come you did that,
Or what did you ate,
Or you have been diseased.
Like this many things they state.
I fell in love with my stretch Mark's,
Which are just like
Directions on google maps;
Significant yet discontinuous.
Spread all over my body,
Just like Neil Armstrong,
My overweight left its foot marks,
Just to announce it existed.
I fell in love with my heavy voice,
As whenever I say normally,
"Hey lady Amitabh bachchan"
They say formally.
Not considering others,
Whenever I answered phone call's on my mum's cell,
My relatives would ask the voice to be my brothers.
My voice suppress my affection,
Whenever I tried to sing it felt like destruction.
I fell in love with my height
Which is small
And they say you are miss not so tall.
But that's okay I would be a mini statue,
As my dad loves calling me his pikachu.
I fell in love with my scars
Which looks nothing
But as many as the sky Carrie's stars.
I fell in love with my eyes
Where all my dreams lies
They look small but captures the whole sky.
I fell in love with my wavy curly hairs
Handling them is never easy
And they make me look quite messy.
But then also
I fell in love with myself
For which I thought I needed help.
When people criticized,
I started doubting myself,
With my eyes concised.
My weight felt so heavy,
And everything seemed just not right.
Everytime I tried to look into the mirror,
I started counting millions of errors.
But today finally,
I fell in love with myself
I realised I needed help.
The help I was seeking,
All over in the sky.
I found that,
Embedded in me deep inside.
I fell in love with myself
But not at first sight,
It took years and years,
For this self love to ignite.

Falling in love is always right
But once do it with yourself,
I might.


  • 🥰🥰 😲WOW 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩…. keep it up…..

  • Lovely depiction ❤️😍 !! Keep going like this ❤️!!!

    Priya Maheshwari
  • Beautiful write! Keep it up ♥️

    Ankita Bhargawa
  • Amazingly amazing!


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