I feel you

Abigail Ocean

Been a decade
Can't comprehend
Can't say it loud
Yes, patriarchy shut my mouth

Untimely it was
Naive I was
What can you expect
Of a girl at eight !

Details are vivid
Mind strong
Can't let it shatter me
Once again

What was my fault?
Called him uncle
That he did that
To prove his manliness

Touched me,without consent
Cause who am I
Just a mere doll
To satisfy

Still remember,
That room,that place
Ghastly shady
Invaded my privacy

Trust your intuition
Always I say
People can deceive
But never it will

Cause it's your own
Knows the very best
Unlike some outsider
Evil intentions to suppress

Hypocrisy in blood
Judiciary hollow
Stop expecting from others
Cause no one cares

Be your own voice
Strong and hot as iron
Make a cry loud and clear
Even though they call you a slut
No respect ,characterless.

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  • Last para just said it out loud!

    Fareeha Faiyyaz

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