I Dare To Dream

Sonam Bhojwani

Walking down the street,
She felt to retreat;
To garnish her soul,
With beautiful treat.

Prolonged for something,
Which she always dreamt-
Searched at a place
But went in vain.

She slept for a while,
To get rid of the fragile.
Woke up in a world
With full of smile!

She dances around, with no bounds!
Feeling so loved, and profound.
A land of dreams, she has got-
Belongs to other, still impound.

She builds a palace, with no base.
Hoping to flourish, just in case!
A number of lies, she pursues
Thinking it to be, just a phase.

Giving it a whole, the only 'Core'
Craving as if, the sheer 'Cure'.
Such bliss and upright,
Oh dear, she was so sure!

With the flow, she too grows
Enjoying the tempting and sweet shows.
True or not? she loved it though-
Something that, she 'so' adores.

Waking up the dream, of the Reel;
Dragging her back, with no zeal.
So harsh is this ugly sense!
What happened to, that strong seal?

The pendulum rang, something bang;
On the same street, merrily sang.
The land is gone, in the blink of a leap
For a moment, all went blank.

The trance is over, the reality on,
Stepping towards new dawn!
But she floats, on her waves;
Oh dear, don't afraid to drown.

Keep dreaming! moving to towns,
One fine day, you will have your crown...


  • Amazing poem ❤️

  • This is Soo pure and Soo beautifully written by You 😘😘keep up the good work sweetheart👏👏👏proud of Uh..😘I wish to see you more from uh 👍👍👌

    Sonali Jain
  • True…keep it up.. sweetheart ♥️😘
    It’s amazing poem.

    Dr. Chanda chhatani
  • Thank you so much everyone 😇😘Really every single comment means lot to me..

    Sonam Bhojwani
  • Very beautiful poem dear, keep it up🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘🤗🤗

    Kamal Bhojwani
  • It’s beautiful. Straight from your heart.

  • Beautiful lines

    Mukul Goyal
  • A beautifully written poem, Sonam, and very genuine too! 👏🏽😍 Love the use of analogy, foreshadowing, and what I think is an honest reflection of your own inner strength. ;)

  • Such a beautiful poem💫💫

    bebo choudhary
  • It’s amazing 😍 and lovely poem ♥️

    Rashi Bhojwani
  • Its really nice dear….keep shining 😍

  • It is amazingly written…❤Loved it sonam ji keep it up ❣💞😘

  • It’s amazingly portrayed .

  • Full of emotions….lovely written….grt thinking….i can feel it…amazing…keep going 😘

  • Amazingly written….. Waiting for more❤😘

    Sapna kumawat
  • Wonderfully portrayed each and every single emotion… Keep it up the good work. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😊😊😊🌸🌸🌸

    Amandeep BHATEJA
  • It’s amazingly portrayed .

  • One can feel all the emotions and I loved the way you ended with encouragement and motivation 😊❤️

  • Such a amazing and lovely poem👌🌸

    Khushi Agarwal
  • Such a beautiful poem….. I loved the way u created this poem, keep doing … May God help u😍🥰😘

    Tanisha shrivastava
  • Amazing!

  • Thank you so much everyone for your Love and Support. Really means a lot!! 🥰🥰
    Hoping to write more… Keep sharing your valuable comments😘😘Love to all

    Sonam Bhojwani
  • Beyond beautiful 💕 Such an amazing portrayal of emotions!

    Niharika Suri
  • Beyond beautiful 💕 Such an amazing portrayal of emotions!

    Niharika Suri
  • Beautiful poem…. 💕😍One could feel 😇the poem just by reading it for once…. Amazing work…. I wish to see more….💕💕

    Nishtha Chhabra
  • 🙌👌… Amazing ❤

    Sonam Agarwal
  • Love it! Amazing!!

  • This is very relatable and very beautifully written ..madam please give me a virtual autograph and keep inspiring us with the mightiest sword on Earth!!✨❤️

  • Amazing….. great… lovely poem

    Kajal Dangayach
  • 😘 truthful

    Uma Sharma
  • Its amazing..👌🏻🌺


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