I Dare To Dream

Nikki Mahar

My Not so Dear Society
I've something for you,
You may consider it a message,
But for me, it's a Confession,
Yes, a Confession!
Which I'm not regretful about,
Despite of having nerve wrenching Actions & Heartbreaking reactions,
 I still have Dreams, 
Yes! yes!, I Dare,
What you will think,
Now, I really don't care,
When I close my eyes and
Recall all those memories 
Which hurt me till now,
Although that pain was bearable
But you had changed
my tiniest painful scratches
Into big and deep wounds
I cried, I broke , I'm still shattered,
For you my pain, my tear
Didn't even matter
You were so merciless, emotionless,
You burnt my Dreams, hopes & innocence in the fire of your Ego.
That day I lost myself,
No! No! I was not dead, 
rather I was reborn,
Reborn to bloom,
To shine, to grow, 
To chase what I want, the way I want,
To love, to live and to learn,
from that day onwards I didn't exist for you,
Now I hereby declare that You don't matter, you don't exist for me.
I'm least bothered about you "char log".
I've started believing in a person, the only person, whom I wanna make stronger gradually....And that's "Me".
Today, I openly confess, that from now on
 I will always opt myself over you because 'I Dare to Dream' and will surely accomplish my Dreams, 
So, My not at all Dear Society,
 I'll remain in you but,
You'll not be a part of my life ANYMORE!


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  • There is so much pain and distress in the poem in the beginning , but you emerge out a winner! Great read.


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