I dare to dream

Rinki Tiwari

Child within me sometimes wonders

What would be my life’s scheme

My inhibitions causes a great barrier

Still I dare to Dream…


Surrounded by the narrow thoughts & minds

I have no positive beam

Sometimes my mind & soul are at a loss

Still I dare to Dream…


Plenty years of life have passed

Which I cannot redeem

Life is always at stake

Still I dare to Dream…


No matter what, I try to be unflappable

In every crisis, I try to gleam

‘Be Positive’ is my motto

And that’s what helps me to dare to dream…


  • It is soothing……as well as breathtaking. I am in awe of this poem. Hopefully many more to come.

    Sourav Sharma
  • Thanks Vishu for the feedback!

    Rinki Tiwari
  • I like the way how the poem lifts its mood at the end of each stanza and finally it shows its resolve to follow the path of positivism. it has inspirational value to it.

    vishu mishra

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