I Dare to Dream

Krishna M Menon

I was trying to catch hold of the Moon


Daunting it was, to dream that big, and  
All I got was the cold unwelcoming air
Remember my teacher telling me, 
Even trees are smarter than me?



Today I sign her an autograph, and I
Only thank her for daring me.



Dont fool yourself, they told me
Realization hit me hard
Even if the world thinks differently
All that I would ever need is
My support, my dreams, just ME



Bitter experiences, one after the other
Each turn I took, a failure..
You get married!! They said
Only then can you be of worth
Now, I thank you for the advice, turning a
Dumb ear to you, proved fruitful



Writer?? What can you gain by that?
Hell broke loose!! Apparently
All the time, my dreams told me
To not let go of them


I , the social outcast


Thought about all things that
Happened, that shaped me today
In the past, I dwelled
Now my pen runs across the pages
Knowing my pain, knowing my aim



Many years later, my poems
Yet another success, you said



Looking on with bewilderment
Impressed with fate, and
My memories holding on to me
I basked in that success..
Thanking all those who
Shunned me, for giving me the power



And you ask me how I could
Reply to that being, this poem's
Each line's first letter read together as a sentence.....


  • Well crafted. Nice read. :)

    Sarath S R
  • An inspiring one
    The people who ask you Why will later ask you How.

    Sandeep N Menon
  • Nice one ?
    !!!!! Inspirational!!!!!!

    Arjun A L
  • Very well written dear, loved it

    Anju Jayan
  • Such a wonderful one !

  • Beautifully written


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