I Dare to Dream

Divya Thadhani

Could answer better than last time
it ended with sound of chime
last paper gave sigh along with wings
that were cut in yesteryear for results
Chose not to give up so early
as decisions are not made in a hurry
better be it now for the pass through 
uttered a sound from minds back
thoughts took a hault seeing the barefoot
walking miles to earn some food
smile on that little face said it all
that dreams are not sold in malls
a little worry, sweat and work
can serve u with happiness 
achieving the secretly desired love
of work reached only by few
for world is full of opportunities
grabbed and perceived whole hearteldy 
none stops you other than you
and repentance takes you no-where
later that day, on reaching home 
came up the idea of vending the cones
not wasting another lapse between result
went on with realising untouched dreams
the one that arouse in study naps
suppressed with time lapse
gradually achieving some of them
sharing hopes and happiness
For now,  the failures don't hinder me
setting a trail of attempting rather than regret
yes, pains come in handy but sigh gives me pleasure
for it is in my hand to work, Yes I dare to dream!! 


  • Thanks Juhi

  • Awesome ?

  • Thank you Shriniwas?

  • Amazing Divya, keep it up…

    Shriniwas Pardeshi

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