I Dare To Dream

Ayush Bubna 

"Oh, Dreams aren't made of excuses, 
It's a rainbow formed when courage and hardwork and patience and aspiration and inspiration and motivation and willpower fuses."
This, he's been saying ever so loudly, 
That I have been silenced,for like what, forever,
But not today.
 Today, I'll tell loud and clear, 
The feelings I endear, 
That I have also dared to dream
But so what,my client comes in another twenty minutes, and then, 
And then, time will bleed for the pain my vagina endures, 
And diseases that have no cures, 
For the psyche gone numb, 
And the cords gone dumb, 
For the senses that have lost their power, 
And the dreams that have gone cower,
For the scars,on my back, 
And my conscience. 
So the next one hour, as that man fucks, 
Not me but my dreams, 
I want to hear you talking, 
About excuses you were mocking, 
Let's debate,
About your delusion, 
and my reality. 


  • Sabassh launde!!!

  • Really Nice One Bubna !!

    Rounak Agarwal
  • Oye bubna topper nice poem ,now go and trim fast

  • Writing poetry on such a subject is very difficult. Really Commendable.Proud on you.

    Rakesh Bubna
  • Very Nice and well written – Ayush Bubba.
    Keep up !!

    Arka Mandal
  • Quite good work bruh

    Soumyadeep Sutradhar
  • Awesome one Ayush,I see a future legend in you.

    Da joker
  • Awesome one Ayush,I see a future legend in you. Keep up the good work

    Da joker
  • Magnificent work Ayush! I loved your poem. The rhyming and imagery you used is totally wonderful ! Keep inspiring.

    Priti Yadav

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