I Dare to Dream

By Vidhi Rungta 

I dare to dream 
I screamed
"But you're a girl" 
Then and again the racket scheme

When I raise my voice
I say I want to fly
They just assume 
I'm high

They call me names 
Useless and weak 
But are blown away 
Every time I speak

My dreams are mine 
To seek 
Not yours to burn 
Full of jealousy you reek

I am a women
I am a man 
I am gay
I am lesbian
I am bisexual 
I am transgender
I am human 
I am me

I can and will be 
Whatever I wish to be 
But there is something 
You're unable to see
There are different dreams 
That I aspire to achieve

I dream of equality
I dream of tranquility
I dream of kindness & peace
I dream of acceptance
Irrespective of my cast and creed 
I dream of a better place 
A better nation and safer streets

We've all dreamed of this
One too many times
And I'm tired of running in circle
Tired of these rhymes

Wake up
Before these dream's 
Turn into nightmare's
And ghosts won't be the only thing that get you scared


  • Amazing

  • Good going, love it! :)

  • So beautifully written! It’s brilliant

  • Everything is so beautifully expressed!! AMAZING!

  • Writing comes easy to others, but not to some. Your writing is Beautiful ?

  • Very well written ?
    Proud of you ?
    God bless you ?


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