I Dare To Dream

Sahil Bhambri

Light beneath the dark

Early the wide arms later to embrace

Here I lay, closing my eyes

Clasping, unfurling, housing a buttress of rise.


May the time wreck me

Like it did in vision, when i called it mine

Like January of please and April of behest

Like murdered I, in thy so called shrine.


If cloyed my tongue, overrate rose thou be

Dare to keep, later dare dies;

Hark, hark to the singing heart

All I claimed as ‘This Poet Lies’.


Tenuously none fly high

Against my wit, let i quench my candour

All it needs a sight to see, oh to see a seem

Dare to dance, dare to gleam, dare to climb; I dare to dream.


In a glorious dawn of moon, ebullient my glands may shout, as I believe in the age of Unicorns.

In the consequences; sombre might shadow my light but all it sees my dares to complete and rest it mourns.



  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Kudos! ✌️

  • Great job boy❤️


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