I Dare To Dream

By Bahaar S. 

Every night under the city lights, 
Without fearing whether I would see the next morning sun bright, 
I dare to dream
Anytime in the silence of the lonely air, 
A strange would come in to snare,
this drunk man, his ugly fingers move across my skirt, 
I am choked with his dirt. 
His lips digs in to my skin, 
I am homeless its a sin. 
About which I cannot scream. 
I still dare to dream.
Sleeping in the empty streets, 
Don't know what next fate would meet? 
Whether a police would ram his stick to hit .
Or car would run over,  no longer to live and breathe.
Dream of what? 
To not remain silent and into routine rut. 
Change your course to which there is no shortcut.
I dare to dream a dream with an open eyes, 
I will see the roof over my head and eat piece of pies. 
For my siblings and me 
It would be an end to our vagrance, 
I dare to stand still to work for those pence.
I know,
I am not meant to beg 
I won't share that tag.
I've to get redeem
I will turn reality out of my dream.
-  Bahaar. S


  • Amazing poem… keep writing. :)

    Pallavi Panda
  • Beautiful reality of dream with a powerful daring! That’s what depicts your piece, beautiful ! Keep going.

    Priti Yadav
  • Well written love!k
    Keep it up and so happy for you….

  • Well written love!
    Keep it up and so happy for you?

  • Well written love!
    Keep it up and so happy for you?

  • Amazing to see you on such a beautiful platform

    Akshay Dubey

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