I Dare To Dream

By Pallavi Panda

I dare to dream
of a world
where many worlds
breathe between
the angles of words...
I dare to dream
to capture all the smiles
I have seen
and store them
in the same angles
shutting them tight
with a door in front;
So that when the
same letters will shift
from words describing
'h'appiness to 'h'ollowness
there perhaps still
be hope ...
for the faint smile of 
the past will resound
in the ears
like a soft lullaby
putting the sad eyes to sleep,
and they might get
refrained from dreaming
about a decision very dark...
I dare to dream
of a world of flying words
where they will carry
the message of hopes and smiles
even after the senders
won't be there to see
the birds reaching to the
needy eyes and hopeless dreams...


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  • Read it 4 times. I can never reach to this depth and angles of thoughts..

    You keep surprising me!
  • Thank you Sheena Chugh. I loved your poem as well… beautifully written with real emotions.

    Pallavi Panda
  • Thank you very much everyone for the beautiful wishes and words… It means a lot to me.

    Pallavi Panda
  • Beautifully crafted… another fan!!! You go girl !!!!!

    Pragati Supakar
  • Beautiful piece of work! Sublime.. I am a fan.

    Mohit Chandila
  • Nicely expressed ..love to read much more from you, poet!

    Alka Mohanty
  • Beautifully written and the words are carefully chosen. Loved it to the core.

    Chinmayee P
  • Excellent !! Every lines are written from the core of your heart !!Go ahead, you have a bright future ahead !!??

    Pravati Panda
  • Woo congoo mata ji?…..keep going..?

    Sameer prusti
  • The immortality of words is beautifully portrayed. And you poetess, are certainly a true logophile. <3

    Thanks you for creating and sharing. :))

    Swati Tanaya
  • Miles to go Pallavi. Waiting for your other poems to get published.

    Rohan Mazumdar
  • I am a big fan of your write ups.. Loved it to the core.

    Amarendra Dash
  • Beautiful poem.

    Roohi Bhargava
  • simply amazing!!!!

    sheena chugh

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