I dare to dream

Fathima Muafiqa

Not a star, not the sun

I am girl full of love!

Being the brightest one can be,

Yet very humble you can see!


You want me to smile, adjust, accept and be at ease

I don’t want my life to be what you want it to be!

But then you force, harass and convince me to please

Then make your peace with the fact that I dare to dream


You want me to yield, surrender and give up all my dreams

Asking me to do so is as far as you can go

For I have always managed surviving

Only believing that dreams cost nothing but hope


I dare to dream

A day will come when hopes triumph

I will be strong

For I am a girl so how could I not be?


  • Following dreams with determination nd confidence is what matters,and yu have done it! Congrats dr..

  • If u want me to smile, adjust, accept and be at ease – just awesome bab!!

  • Keep dreaming and reach the sky my girl :D

  • This poem looks great. Keep it up. This surely deserves a prize. And u will surely reach great heights for the great poet in you.

    Syed A

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