I Dare to Dream

Shaqib Sohel Radiowala

I dare to dream,
A world that has no hate in between;
Religion isn’t an excuse to war;
Farmers don’t lay dead on the floor;
The youth has hope when they step out the door.
For when they return,
They’ll won’t have to watch the world burn;
I dare to dream,
The oppression of women and children is nowhere to be seen;
Our women & men are safe from rape;
That virginity isn’t the ultimate self-esteem;
I dare to dream;
That our world lets go of it’s barbaric ways;
And understand we are all in gods bloodstream.


  • Amazingly amused piece! Wonderful !
    Your voice is bold, I hope your dream soon complete its journey. Keep going.
    Nice ‘radiowala’ ;) catchy!

    Priti Yadav
  • Amazing content!


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