I can define my emotions in words

By Sampada Belose

ย Dear Diary,

I can define my emotions in words which won't be judged on your blank pages,

My words feel free to bother you no matter what it is, calmness or outrages.

There is nothing as such you don't know about me,

My dreams my desires and what I aspire to be.

The realistic expectations and the unrealistic ones,

My sarcasm on how will I reply to someone's burns.

I tell you everything...

A new story, an incomplete idea or an unformed poem,

I can frame, reframe, include or exclude words until they get some rhythm.

My sense of humour which may not work in reality,

You know all the bad jokes written without sipping coffee.

You are my companion when I am alone,

Your biggest rival sometimes is my cell phone.

Till now I don't have a deep or dark secret any,

As soon as I have it I'll let you know don't worry.

When I rant about "Nobody will ever listen to me or understand me",

To you I can't possibly say that, you see?

There are times when I am unable to hide my tears,

But they are shed not via eyes but through words.

There are times when I am happy and I want someone to know what happened exactly,

I see a blank page and I am ready to express the scenario beautifully.

There are times when my efforts go in vain,

I feel a bit relaxed once the words are written down releasing the pain.

If someone asks me about a "how we met" story,

I have something to share already.

I was a kid, a shy one and to add on the trouble...I had the problem of stammering,

Merely to speak a sentence in one go

I was struggling.

Of course this was not in my favour,

Talking seemed like a completely new and difficult endeavor.

To my surprise I stopped talking much and I started writing,

Writing everything down without setting a stage where people will start laughing.

That's when I discovered writing and that's when I met you,

This concept of expressing words on pages waiting to be filled was interesting, was new.

Coming back to where I left,

I hope you and the readers haven't lost the drift.

I want to thank you from my side and everyone else's side who share with you their stories,

Who depend on you when they have so much to tell about... without being judged and without worries.

P.S- Wrote all this on word doc, to give you a short break.

Yours sincerely,

The Writer


  • This is so relatable and so well written! Fell in love with the way it is narrated

  • Beautifully written ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    Pulkit Garg

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