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I became a young doctor

By Prince Nimisha

When my passion met my career
I became a young doctor,
toiling up day and  night
I sacrificed a part of my life
in order to save other's  precious life
Dear diary, I was in the ward the other day
As part of my routine rounds
There I met a mother in pain
Looking at me she smiled
her eyes filled with ray of hope,
promising  a new sunrise 
filled with laughter and warmth
Later that day ,in her hands I saw
The gift of her struggle ,an angel she was.
Sleeping peacefully in her arm.
The baby lying close to her mother ,
feeling every inch of her warmth
The sight reminded me of
the day my baby brother was born .
I gently held his hands with mine
All were happy to see him
as he was the promise to our family
That day when the whole world admired him
My father, to everyone's surprise
took my hand and said"Here is my daughter,
look how she resembles me"
After many  years ,now that I look at myself,
I see a doctor surrounded by people
Having all their hopes on me
To the world I may be a doctor
But to my father , I am his daughter
And today I can proudly say,
"Yes daddy ,I am your daughter, 
and I completely resemble you"
Dear diary, this day made the bond
between a father and daughter more strong.



  • This paints such a beautiful picture of a father-daughter relationship! Loved it. :) :)

    Aparajita Mukherjee
  • This is real deal, beautiful 😊

  • Really nice poem

    Diksha Prashar

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