I apologise for being so selfish

By Mahima Agrawal

Dear diary,

I apologise for being so selfish,
to not telling you 
all the whereabouts,
For leaving you anxious.
You know what happens
People often forget 
things and others 
but it is scary 
when they forget themselves.
You know we all 
need someone to share 
our stories with 
but what if you start 
giving them a short visits,
yes to the one who 
knows the real you.
Today, when I typed password
And opened you, my diary,
I realised how a part of me 
This breathless thing carry.
I felt sorry for abandoning
you for a while or even more.
You know we all are so
messed up with things 
that we even forget 
the difference between 
living and surviving.
I just want to thank you for
Holding all those untold words,
To those never shed tears.
to being a best friend in this
Fictional world. 


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