I am, you are, we are; The Process

Manas Kasar

“What we know is a drop and what we do not know is an ocean! “, a peculiar dialogue from one of the web serials, makes us realize the true behavior of the nature, that influences our existence.
Human existence has been considered to be at the peak, top most for many but lower to that of others by some. As we tend to exist, we start finding what’s important for defining this existence. People think about the need to define existence links us to many reasons, one of which; being “what is the purpose of my life?”. Many of them struggle to find the answer to this core question while others just sit enjoying the show. Some of them place themselves in the position of a part of this machine and others keep on thinking, what does this ‘machine called life’ do.
Poets, writers, story tellers have been defining this thing since ages. Those who get it, try to survive and those who just survive never try to find the true meaning.
As we start our journey from a child to the old age, our body, mind and brain undergo millions and millions of changes. Mistakes, success, friends, colleagues, parents, family, relationships and feelings are always responsible for these changes. Whenever this happens, we guide ourselves on the path of life and tag ourselves with a role. Can THIS role be tagged as our identity? If thought deeply, one gets to know that identity is not a singular phenomenon but it’s a process. It’s a process of bringing about changes in one’s mind, body and brain. This process forces one’s soul or elements of our existence. Realization of this process gives a new hope to every achiever and this leads to, finding the solution to more depth.
Name, title, tag are forms of an identity defined by humans. What if our identity is itself trying to untie the knots of our path to live?
For example, if I fail in an exam, I might study harder for the next time or might get demotivated. There could be infinite possibilities of my path. On each path I acquire a new meaning of LIFE and thus a new identity. Thus, the mistake that I made at first place or rather saying it positively; my fate, the person responsible for my choice of studying harder, relations, feelings, sorrow, peer pressure and many more things led me to this path and thus my new identity came into existence.
Above all this one must try to understand that no one but you yourself define your own existence. Though things responsible for my identity are numerous the threads of such things are in my hands and I as a whole, pull these threads to guide myself. Whenever I pull these threads, I bring upon myself a new task to complete and thus a new lesson to be learnt. At such times ‘learner’ is my identity.
An identity is what is made by innumerable factors. Today in this digital world, it is really easy to judge an identity based on the data fed to the systems of our manipulated brains. True nature in such cases remains just an illusion and we go on considering things and making up false hopes for ourselves. Upon learning through many phases of life, one will definitely arrive at a point of acceptance that a simple coffee with a girl, I want to know more about, has a unique identity which she carries whenever she speaks or looks or listens and many things. It is a simple task for an observer to know. For digitalized humans, you float on the surface tension of water and at some point, there is disturbance which takes you to a deep center and then you learn what’s true.
Reading a book, trying to imitate its character by absorbing the goodness in it or by watching a movie and to extract the core pulp hidden in its meaning through dialogues and perfectly directed scenes, a keen observer always tries to inculcate small changes in the lifestyle. These changes, on a small basis, are just normal ones and when they grow, with the help of proper nourishment through own actions, they become a part of our personality. There comes a new definition of identity, where you follow yourself just as your elder future is trying to guide your younger past towards a new present identity.
To be, what is really loving and caring ,to study each and every step of your own life , to ask , to answer , to try finding for the solution even harder , to not let go , to build bonds, to save relations , to visualize happiness and to dream things ; all these things try to give you your true identity.
What makes you, what changes you and what you do about that is what defines your identity and existence.

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