Hush! The Curfew is on

By Neelima Chakraborty
When will this end?
This slaughter on humanity?
Dismembered halves take to streets,
Pleading for justice and harmony
Lying tattered in pieces.
While far far away, 
The piecemeal reforms take shape
On hundreds of sheets,
Stepping over the red tape
Mouthing a flurry of promises
In tens of voices,
Waiting for the storm to pass,
"The curfew is on!"  (Alas!)
All squabbles silenced.
All queries stifled.
All doubts erased
In haste for the curfew is on.
The belief is strong.
Hearts beckon all gods known
In an appeal to heal
The fate of humanity.
But sealed is His power
In this ungodly hour.
The deafening silence 
Deviously devours
The final shreds of wisdom.
As the world shuts its eyes wide,
Lauding the demise of destiny's child,
Waiting for the storm to pass,
Waiting for the new beginning,
Silence waits in the corners
To silent every syllable 
You've been thinking
For the curfew is on...
It is here to stay...on and on. 


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  • This is a test for humanity. We have infuriated nature with our exploitative affairs. It’s time we regret. It’s time we pay!

  • Beautiful verse! Hope to see many more from the poet.

  • Verse at its best….hope to see your name in the Index ….one day for sure

  • Beautifully expressed!!Wonderful use of figures of speech.Aparnadi is right…Would love to teach this in class.

    Debarati Ghosh Roy
  • Extraordinary!! Hope to see it the text books someday. I would love to teach this poem.

  • So poignant! Reminded me of Eliot.. very gripping imagery!

    Jayeeta Biswas
  • So so beautifully written. Loved the amazing usage of vocabulary.


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