How I chased my dreams

Lydia M G

I have always been told that following your dream is just an impossible thing, but I always believed that achieving your dream is the best thing you can do in your life. I belong to a middle-class family &  I always had a dream of being a writer, but my family were always against of it as they believed that being a writer is just a waste of time, but I wanted to prove them wrong & when they saw me writing they just scold me, however, I continued with my writing. One day, I got my progress report and my marks were really terrible that my parents got so mad & they grounded me and restricted me from writing, they even snatched my notebook where I write my all of my stories & said you will never write again. I began to cry as I genuinely felt helpless, I didn't know what to do and I thought I never able to achieve my dreams. After that, I didn't talk to my parents & continued with my other things. On the following day when I was in my school I saw something on notice board it is written that for those who like to write a story can give their write-ups, we will select three best write-ups & get them published in a magazine. I was so excited!! I always wanted my work to be published, but my parents told me to not write any stories I didn't know what to do this was the best opportunity for me, well I don't expect that my write ups will get selected, so I thought why don't I give it a try. After school when I reached home I started writing without my parents knowing, then the next day at school I submitted my write-ups. A few days later the election day came, I went to school and went to check the notice board where they announced the three names, my heart was pounding when I about to see the names & instantly it becomes a disappointment as my name was not there on the list, I was hoping that my work will get published. Still, I didn't give up I knew that one day my story will get published. Then I went to my class after a while my teacher told me that principal is calling you, I wondered why principal is calling me then I went to his office & I was little afraid as I saw his grumpy poker face, and he was giving me a death stare, I thought he was going to suspend me not only from the school and from the planet as well. To my surprise he was asking me about my story that I gave for the magazine & he asked me 'did I write this story', I said yes he said that he read my story & he liked it, but then I asked him why my name was., not on that list, he said he purposely did not put my name on the list as he needed my story for his friend s' magazine so he wanted to ask me that if I'm interested or not. I felt so happy that I said yes like three times, he said Okay I'll let you know you can go to your class then I went out from his office I never knew that this grumpy poker face would turn out to be a good kind man. Then a few days later I saw my story has been published I was so happy it was my dream come true I didn't tell my parents about it as I know that they won't be happy about it. a few weeks later my school principal & a strange man visited my home, my parents were surprised as they thought that I did something wrong in the school then the principal told them everything about my story & they were so confused as I didn't tell them anything, my parents were little furious at me then principal introduced his friend who published my story in his magazine he came to ask me to write more stories for him, my parents refused as I have to focus in my studies & do something for my future they said there is no future in writing. Then that man said, "there are many successful authors who have a great future & your daughter is such an amazing writer, she has a brighter future". then he said that he needs one more story for his magazine, then I said to my parents that I want to be a writer & I do any hard work for that at last, my parents agreed to it & said that you have to study nicely even though you write stories. Principle also said to me " yes, you do need to study hard & score nicely for your exams but it doesn't mean you should stop writing, you should keep writting & I will do any help you need". I promised to everyone that I'll study hard & score nicely, although it was a tough challenge for me still I tried my best & graduated from the high school & college. after that I started travelling for inspiration & wrote my first book & my next step was to get my book published, but honestly it was not easy as it seems many publishers rejected my book but I still didn't give up because I knew that I had to face ups and down & I believed in myself I knew that one day publisher will publish my book, and that day came a publisher published my book. My first ever books!! I was so happy that I didn't know how to express it.My book was a huge success & everyone appreciated me, from that day I started getting calls from the publishers and successfully my 4 book get published it was also a success  my parents were so proud of me & they even said " you proved us wrong, . You proved that nothing is impossible". I was so happy when I heard this from their mouth as my parents always criticized me for writing & now they are so proud of me. Now I am a successful writer I have learned two things from my life one is, if we want achieve anything in our life we need to believe in ourself & in destiny and second thing is that never give up & all we need to have desire & guts to achieve something in our life, and this how I chased my dreams. 

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