How did you do it ?


Did y’all have a choice in how to move on?

What did you do?

Was like hair removal?

Quick painful yet clean?

Did you wax the dead cells of your relationship out?

Or, did you shave the feelings leaving memories  in doubt?

Was it like undressing,

naked for a while before being draped again?

Did the buttons of your shirt get stuck in your hair?

Didn’t the sequence on the pants cut your skin or damage a layer?

Was it tougher than that?

Did you sweat it out?

Did you get rid of all the fat thick romance

and carve muscles out of it?

I have been trying it too, but I get tired after a bit.

You must have smoked it out!

Inhaling rusty reality

Exhaling the boring stories which once filled your cavity.

Does it feel trippy, peaceful and fresh?

Or did you cough, choke and end up breathless?

Or was it like a fever

Numb, uneasy

But they say it cures itself after a while

Yet leaves your body weak, and your immunity fragile.

Or maybe it was damn easy for you!

Like shattering of a glass vase

The one which was your impulsive purchase.

Of course, you adored it,

Yet it occupied too much of your rack

and you probably cleaned the pieces away while thinking of another one, with a better pack?

Whatever was it like

Tell me about it

Looking at my choices and chances,

I feel I must  get the right advice before going I go through another pile of s    

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