How can I?

By Samrita Roy

How can I?

What is love?
Some say, it is the sudden rush,
Some say, you know it, when near them, all you do is blush,
Some say, love is something which is yet not known,
But then, it is a feeling, which once in our life we all own.

Maybe that's the thing  I feel between me and you,
Well if you ask me, how I know it is you..
It's because all that I felt was the rush, blush and to do art, when I first sighted you!
I know you cannot love me,
But even that's true, I cannot hate you,
With such vivid emotions...
Will ever be clear this beautiful commotion?

With you, I want to see the star's unseen...
With you, I want to see the rising sun and the dawn being seen...
With you want the dreams, that are yet to be dreamt...
With you, I want the times, which are yet to be lived...
With you, I want to write more poems you won't forget...
With you, I want a forever yet to get...

But then you say...
How can I not love you?
When you make my flaws; flawless.
How can I not love you?
When you bring me light taking away all my darkness...
How can I not love you?
When you make me write...
How can I not love you?
When you're responsible for my smile so bright...
How can I not love you?
When you make my melancholy into a beautiful moment...
How can I not love you?
When you have it all ever I need...
How can I not love you..
When you made me believe in always, okay and forever?


  • WoW! Amazing poem Rita.
    Just Loved it. And don’t let this passion die.

  • Beautifully written Samrita… The moments you described are really amazing!!!
    Keep it up and all the best for your future dear…

  • Very Beautiful description of the situation and the the doubtful expressions every heart goes through at some point of time in life. Well written Samrita

    Shubhra bawra
  • You nailed it by such amazing and thoughtful words!
    I loved it a lot and more!??❤❤

  • Do keep you passion alive and let your poems make others believe in the magic of love!

  • Very nice…proud of you…..keep it up…..and best of luck for your further poems.
    Bless you.

    Sahil Deochake
  • Kadak re Samu…!!! Keep it up… ❤

  • Amazing Samrita

  • It’s Beautiful ….. Well done Keep it up Story writer & teller ?? Good Luck !

    Karan Sadhwani
  • Amazing Samrita ??

  • Beautiful poem…keep it up

  • This is so nice samrita…… I loved it so much……

    Niraj Ladhe

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