Hope for a better world,
Hope for lives
Hope for the sceneries,
That come through long-drives.
Hope for a gathering,
Or doing party
Hope for the paying cuisines,
As we are thristy.
Hope for the lovely days
Along with no fear,
Doing everything with fresh mood
That we can bear.
Neither any change of the world,
Nor of the lives
Passing of monotonous days,
Just to feel alive.

But it is queer to think!
Are we really in a passive mode?
Or we can change the world with our skillful sword.
Times are arriving just for proper use,
Thinking,changing and attributing like the Muse.
Thoughts of a pleasant globe with pure soil,
Changing with full effort by removing all moil.
Decorating the surroundings with our highest qualities,
These are inner beauties like charity,honesty,and purity.
Then come with proper steps to feed the distressed,
And mend all the the miseries with your bright face.
Be honest to protest against all the filth,
And make a pure heart to be free from the guilt.

Now we are the king with no tenant,
By our highest dignity
Yes,we are ready to achieve such a world,
Not in dream but in reality.

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