Hook Up With A Book

Night after night, noon after noon
mommy didn't sing me to sleep
she told me stories of the goon
who robbed and made the whole city weep
But there came this one afternoon 
where she said I've grown up too fast
Santa's happy- is granting me a boon
all the hearsay is now in the past
I hold in my hand a dusty little book
Snow White and the seven dwarfs
starting right from where her childhood was left off the hook
Began that day, from page to page, a lifelong surf
Within that bundle of papyrus
scribed a gazillion stories
me and those books, we became-"us"
a true infinite friendship established thus
They gave me a million words,
a plethora of different worlds-
few to take a leap, few to weep,
a bountiful of characters that I grew up to ship
When we first met, I was but a child-
novice, naive and agile
it nurtured me with words to guide,
help build my self, a book a while
To look back and imagine not having 
the fictional worlds I'd have died to live in
to feel the deepest of emotions and give in
I wonder what I would have been!
If I didn't have the books to be my kin
To all those yet not vary, oh what a sin!
Open your doors and let a book in!

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'An Experience That Changed My Life'


  • Thank you, Stuti💕

    Kruti Shah
  • Best 👍

    Stuti Agnihotri

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