Honey, I Question Thee

Tanvi Nagar

I begged God, to come down from the heavens,
Instead he sent you, honey, the best of his angels, 
We were two perfect lovers, our love was the epitome of intimacy,
You promised that our bond would be alive till eternity,
You were like those falling stars, that lit up the sky,
The world seemed to fade away, each time you bid goodbye,
Every smile of yours felt that it could change the world for me,
It were your words that soothed my wrath and agony.
But, you decided, our exemplary relationship couldn’t last any more,
In a matter of a few seconds you broke your promises, saying it was all over,
I’ll remember, honey, those last words of yours and that brittle goodbye smile,
In front of which my attempts to change your decision were futile,
I was left with only a faint smell that each time led to you,
The world felt like a bad dream, a mystic illusion, as if it wasn’t true,
The tulips and the marigolds drooped as if they could sympathise with me,
My pain in this seamless darkness, that’s all I could see. 
I was left with just few pieces of my broken heart and a boggled mind,
I wished that for just to relish a few moments, I could travel back in time,
I wish I could just erase your chapter from the book of life, in my memory,
Erase the collision between the tracks of your and my destiny,
The puzzle of my broken heart will never be matched perfectly again,
I am nothing but an idol of suffering as I continuously endure pain,
I am left with darkness sucking me in and this terrible heart ache,
Honey, do I really deserve the agony of this terrible heartbreak?


  • Thanks Tanya!

    Tanvi Nagar
  • Aha! A piece of literature that’s lit 🔥

    Tanya Chaudry
  • Thanks Sekhar!

    Tanvi Nagar
  • This is definitely a lovely piece….. i have same feelings too. relatable and nice. wow!


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