Home Coming

By Chaithra

Since you have been long gone for, God knows for how long!

When you come back , consider that,
a death and a birth has already taken place.

The woman you knew is long gone and is dead and I am shopping for a casket for her.
The one you see now, is someone who no longer invests in fixing broken people.
Because she is busy fixing things you broke, while you vacationed in dead places.

They say it takes straight twenty one days for a habit to be born.
You were right here by my side like a blanket, I would never give up even in summers.
You became my habit and then, one day you just left home, without notice.

Oh maybe you would come again. Knock at my front door, and hug me like you never stepped out of that door, in the first place.
And I will struggle to find my senses. But shortly I will be reminded, that I am not her.
Not anymore. I will shake you off. Because I am not her.

Yes, I have made fine arrangements for your dining.
You get her blood for the starter, Her heart as the main,
And for desserts, her blind eyes.

Oh me! You can find me in the next room.
I am busy dusting the glass vases you threw at her, the night you left.
Help me pick up the sunflowers you sent her,  on the dirty floor.

The stinky ashes, it is your love letters burning, darling.
With her body burning down to nothing,
I will join her. And I have mastered voodoos and other witch crafts from the south.

 And you certainly don't  want to witness the birth of a witch from the ashes.

Run for your life. Burn the witch? But darling, I am afraid it is too late.

Run for your life. And never come back in search of witches.

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'An Experience That Changed My Life'

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  • Beautiful it is!

    Sweta Jain

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