By Ruchi Yemul

On some days, I wish super powers like teleportation existed so that I could traverse the physical distance between us every time I missed you.
On some days, I wish our skies blushed the same colour so that I at least believe that you aren't all that far away from me. 
On some days, I picture us sitting and playing Scrabble over a glass of red wine while I try not to laugh at your silly sense of humour.
On some days, I think of you, hoping you're thinking of me too.
Well, these some days occur everyday but today is different. 
Today, I neither wish for super powers and same skies nor do I picture us together.
Today, I wish for you to be here. Here, where it all started. Here, at Home.


  • On some day, I wish to meet you and personally tell you that these words you have written are really magical. Beautiful!

  • Beautiful ❤


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