Cauvery Chauhan

Dark and fading;
Petals of brilliant colors gazing,
Yellow, orange, red, violet, and purple hue.
Standing amongst millions of myself,
Breaking, falling like a shooting star yet untouched –
Glorious, fast, and fierce.
Dreaming – making my wishes come true.
One, two, three – I slip and stumble,
Cross the bridges wrapped with fog, and mumble,
“Still wishing…”
My eyes closed as I travel from universe to universe,
Imagining, lying cold – subconsciously filled with infinite hopes and fears;
I step into the first location – lonely and dark.
Second becomes clear, concealing thousands of scars.
Third approaches and I lose my breath.
Fourth bright and innocent.
Fifth feels like warm summer breeze.
Just like that I slowly lose myself in the land of my tale and freeze,
Living every universe, every instance, every moment as it gets brighter.
Living yet dead.
Slowly I breathe back into the kingdom of realities,
The only place where I exist.


  • Meaningful poem. Very good Vinny

    R.k. Singh
  • It,s a small step for a big goal.

    Keep it up.

    Bade paapaa
  • This is so beautiful
    You are so talented cavu and I hope you achieve more happiness and success in your life .
    I don’t know anything about poetry but I always love reading your poems.

  • My dear Wordsmith!!!
    How happy I feel when I fly through the wings of your poetic genius. You make words and situations mean even more than what they stand for. Lovely Cauvery! Give wings to your creativity and fly on…. Much love ❤… From your Miss.. Who always enjoyed teaching you….

    Ajanta Mishra

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