By Harsh Singh

I said I was a writer
and oh my words, they’re heavy
Like a book I read or a soul I lived
I learned not everyone was my poetry.
Then I saw you glance over the dark
trying not to miss a star,
for you mumbled to yourself until,
eternity lost its scars.
I had wished to live forever
and now you were my chance,
to live or lose up on everything
and make for us some plans.
My life made of puzzle pieces,
still you fathomed out my mind
It seemed as if you were my life,
spelled out on every line.
Our favorite songs, the same,
still some things never look clichéd.
You walked straight into my soul,
caught the moonlight within me,
I saw you capture the moments within
then you let some blues get off me.
I fancied to see the universe within you,
felt honored to be a part of  it
I saw those stars hide behind those eyes,
and a universe within them too.
You might wonder how it happened to me,
but I guess it makes sense,
remember the night the moon fell from the sky?
When everyone was running through?
Three words got caught in my throat,
and I was looking at you.


  • Beautifully captured.. especially the lines ‘You walked straight into my soul,
    caught the moonlight within me’

    The way you have captured the little feelings and made it all eternal in the end. very touching .

    vishu mishra
  • Love this! ❤

  • Wonderfully written!


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