Hello There: Dreams

Yadawanka Pala

Mere female creature, with a mind vaguely inhibited by responsibilities
and chores, that sometimes take up the space-  Of wanting to grow into childhood fantasies that now fight their way out.
Mere teenager in a new world with devices calculating my every tab on the screen; A mind now distinguished by interests and possibilities, in a virtual future.
Mere being with the strength of a little boy, waiting for the clock to strike ten.
To run out into the playground with nothing else taking up the need of importance but games; that release energy and joy in an immense level. 
Yet underneath the layers of constant battle between distributing time, and distinguishing its components into what is required-
Is me, a mere soul with a Heart so dangerously wild and free;
And I dare to dream.
To have a future with the sentences that form along the lines of my forehead,
Consisting of songs that may be formed straight out of bed, or before the night closes into the land of dreams.
Yes I dare to dream.
That letting words take over majority of my habits, is a good way to begin and end, a set goal.
I dare to dream. 
A dream of wanting these metaphors to shout out truth to a World filled with busy souls.
I dare to dream that one day, when all withers, the pages of profound personal contents which consists of daily rhymes based on experiences; and in sync punctuations, that pause and reminisce on every special moment-
Could be the kind of dream we have been waiting for. 


  • Brilliant yada?

    Rosiequeen Marwein
  • You always had it in you baby girl ??? keep it up.

    Batlemthiang Shabong

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