Helen Came Late

Rose Mckathy

The winter moon glowed
on my birthday night
She looked so graceful
in yellow under the light.
Silver pin on her ears
And shimmer of few hair
leaned perfectly on her forehead.
She knew Helen would come late
We got time to make up for a moment.
I was high on drink that night
She took drunk on a feeling
Not much she waited for Helen
She continued to arouse me.
From front she touched me
in a tune of music been played
Held my hand and undressed herself
Her privates covered with alluring lace
I rubbed over them gently
She closed her eyes and felt my fingers
Holy! Voice of smooch she made
She wanted more of me.
I saw the intense
she was crazy to lead me
In no time she kissed
the way she wanted.
Tongue she took to wild
licked my finger
like she wanted to lick some more.
She touched me everywhere
So did I.
She opened her legs
In a moving posture
I went through her.
I saw another beautiful side of her
Only kept to please me.
I sucked her ass
my jawlines came the way
And slapped to her surface
Her skin glowed a little red
She shouted
to put more of me inside her.
The way she lead the mess
she looked more pleasing.
She wanted me so bad
So wild.
When I went deep into her
She melted on the foreplay.
One hour we gave to love
And yet more to do.
She was tired 
So was I
Still I grabbed her
in meantime she slept in my arms
I kissed her. She smiled with her closed eyes
As she felt my lips on hers.
I was her bee
my honey was she.



  • Lust bhara poem

  • Wow yr… No word to say more speechless

    Alexander kullu
  • Salute to you rose mujhe to pata v nai Tha tu itna acha likhti h

    Kush Singh
  • beautiful…

  • I have gone through your other poems and each of them made a strong impact upon me, but this one
    “i was her bee
    my honey was she”
    is like reading out one’s feeling . Now i know why didn’t u tell me which poem was selected ?

  • I saw another beautiful side of her
    Only kept to please me.
    I was her bee
    my honey was she
    These lines are awesome.This poem is so good,In fact you have written about something through which everyone has to go but difficult to express but you did it very well. Waiting for your next poem like a pro.

    Rajeev Kumar
  • Fabulous poem

    Sonali Xalxo
  • Good one!!

    Arun Kuttan
  • “I was her bee.my honey was she”
    Digging out wepons of feelings in the arsenal of words.

  • A beautiful piece!!

  • Hats off you girl..?

    Khushboo Oraon
  • Beautiful poem, which i felt after reading that i have read something; that all human go about but have hard time to express it…and uv have just rolled and penned it in a beautiful and arousing lines?{…..no words……} hats off…good going.
    Desparately waiting for the next “poem” to be in the blog.
    Awsome…keep going…al d bst…!

    James ekka
  • Thank you :)

    Rose Mckathy
  • “I saw another beautiful side of her
    Only kept to please me.”

    Rose Mckathy

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