By Priyanka B


It’s not easy to grasp,

The magic spell you cast called love.

It made me feel whole inside,

I felt like a person with a purpose,

I wanted a future with just the two of us.

I thought the world of you,

Put you up on a pedestal.

You were on a high horse,

And, you loved all the attention.

Like a fool, I overlooked the details,

You thought of yourself as a hero,

And, I was the damsel in distress.

You thought of me as a part of your problem.

But, I wanted to be a part of the solution.

The truth is-

You took me for granted.

You broke up with me without any hesitation.

Suddenly, I became a beggar,

Seeking your approval and asking you to stay.

I’ll never forget the day,

When you asked me to go away-

Your words sharp as a razor pierced my soul.

Since, the day we parted our ways-

I have learnt the art of forgiveness.

After, the period of grief was over,

My faith in love still remains unshaken.

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Breakup'

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