By Lalit Bhandari 

I don't know
if I'm in the crowd 
or do I stand alone
Whether I'm trying too hard
or hitting it very slow
I don't know if it's normal
that I laugh in my pain
and rejoice my sorrows
I don't know
if I am falling moth 
to the flame
or just preying at
the mirage of fame
if I am digging it so deep
or aiming at 
twinkling stars to keep
I don't know
if I want you along
for the shower
or wish to elate
solo singing for an hour
if I demand the crowd
to know my song
or if I just don't want
them to sing along
I don't know
if I'd tag around
while you're sipping liquor
or come home, change
and sit idle quicker
if I want to hover around your arms
or do I tell you
that it seems prison
I don't know
if my silence is speechless
or it's answering it loud, for my heart
is just reachless.
if I am loving
you or lying around
or just loving you
for lying around
I just know
one thing for sure
that I'm broken but also pure
I might get hurt
but never admit
for you are happy
and I won't quit
But, if you, ever again,
get drowned in me
kiss my sins and go mad, let's see
coz' then
you'll rest between my
Yes and No
and, when
you ask for one
I'll say-
I don't know. ❤️


  • Great work. Keep it up mate❤😊

  • Wowwwww! I collected all the memories of my heartbreak of the past. Lalit Bhandari, gud job. HUGS

  • This is the best poem I read among others. Very touchy. :)))))))

    Anand Raj
  • Don’t stop writing ever Lalit. You have got the thing. Loved your write-up! :)

  • Awesome!!! ‘I don’t know’ how to react.

    Ragini Awasthi
  • Bro… you’ve touched me with this poem. Loved it. :-))

  • You’ve left me speechless Lalit. Hope to read more from your collections soon.

  • Wow 👍👍Awesome… 👏🏻👏🏻

  • I don’t know should I say that u r amazing or I’m speechless. Heart touching….💜💜💜

  • Oh so lovely you do write.
    tears rolled down my eyes.
    but my lips smiling bright…

  • Very nYc lALiT…
    Keep iT up…hot bLeSS

    Cadet Neeraj Rawat
  • Amazing and sublime ,
    Jeevan ki daud Ko kamiyabi se dur ek Ajeeb se thraav ne pukara aur woh samajh gaye

  • If heartbreak creates poets like you, it isn’t that bad, nai? ;-)

    To light up:
    Vo ishq bhala kya ishq hua,
    Jisme na baat bigadti ho. ❤️

    Awesome piece of poetry. You nailed it. Keep writing. <3

    Mani Khanna
  • Amazing read!!!

    Nidhi Bansal
  • Way to go dearly beloved 💓

  • Taken❤️

  • This one is irresistible…… The feeling and emotions are well conveyed……. Good going Lalit 💞
    Ye bhi talent h…. Pta nhi tha.. 😂 but yeah….. It was sooooo good. 😘

  • Amazing work Lalit. Keep it up.

  • Amazing poem lalit… Keep it up… Way to go…

  • Amaziiiiiing!
    You are one of the most generous people I know,which clearly reflects in your work and one could easily relate to your ideas.
    Your words speaks one’s silence …
    Keep up the good work,stay blessed.
    And also,thank you for made me read such a beautiful poem.
    It’s more then amazing!!!
    Such a talented soul you’re.

  • I have never been a big fan of poetry but you boy are great! Good job making someone like me read poetry! Simple, sublime and deep.Keep it up, yes!

  • Another master piece❤✌

  • Gud one..Really appreciate this thoughtful poem…keep writing such poems more….

    Shubham kanodia
  • The heart speaks….😉 Loved it!

  • Written With Love <3

    Aditya Dube
  • Buddy, lines are so aesthetic and we can very well connect to our lives. Keep writing and sharing! :)

  • Awsome work…. 👍🏻👍🏻

    Himani Rikhari
  • Its amazing..the words used in d poem r great.. good work dear 👍

  • Very nice
    Stay blessed

    Karan Salwan
  • Nice

  • Awesome stuff

    Saamir Gupta
  • Nice….somthing meaningfull

    All d bst..LALIT

  • Blown away. Bahut khoob. Lalit, long way to go. :)

    Neeti Rawal
  • What a masterpiece! Awesome job Writer.

    Pallavi Saroch
  • Amazing poem. There are certain poems that the reader can feel or relate to when reading them and this is definitely one of them. I could relate so much to it. I definitely will be re reading this alot. Not the the style of writing its the over all words and feel that matter to me in a poem and this had them all.loved it

    Kunal soni
  • I liked the idea, Kudos!

  • This is something on top. You are so talented buddy .. keep this work doing and one day you difineitly touch the sky 👌✌️

    Dhirr Sharma
  • Omg this is awesome, good work!

  • ❤❤❤❤

  • speechless :)

  • I am speechless. Awesome work Lalit. Keep up the good work. :)

    Nandita Mukherji

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