Yashasvi Tickoo   

When you kissed me 

Under the flickering yellow light

I used to presume that it won’t last

But that day- it changed my mind


Day by day I fell a bit more

Like autumn leaves

Never did I anticipate a lie

I was too busy dreaming


But you walked away without a trace

I was a seasonal joy

Winter to spring to summer

Leaving an irreplaceable void


And now my shriveled hands

Grasp a broken, torn heart

Countless monsters and demons

They pull me apart


And now my mornings are filled

With the sun of a bitter truth

I sure do, wake up

But not next to you


I don’t know if it’ll stop eating me up

But you’ll stop being my ink

Now you’re number I won’t dial

Though it is on my fingertips


You will be a memory 

That breaks me to the end

Though I’ll wait and pray 

That you'll call me and make amends 

-          hopeful 

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  • Such, a natural feel ur lines give. Commands le job


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