Chandralekha Panda

...and when heartbreak knocks on your door
Take it in gently.
It's there to hurt you
It's there to teach you
It's there to mould you into a stronger version of yourself.
...and when heartbreak scatters your heart around
Assemble it carefully.
It's around to be remade into a stronger one
It's around to reflect your mistakes of not approving self-love
It's around to show you the people having your back.
...and when heartbreak hurts you in ways, that's beyond your endurance
Cry out your anger and hurt,
because they say salt water cleanses you;
because they say tears helps you visualize better;
because they say, catharsis is necessary to purge more of anything that's harmful.
...and since saying things is easier than experiencing it.
Keep your hand on the broken heart,
and feel it for yourself.
... because even the broken shards of mirror
never refects a flawed or a distorted image.
In it lies it's beauty,
Even in it's brokenness, it never losses it's essence.

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  • Beautifully described…. 👌

    Bhavana doni

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