The guy abuses over the phone, 

And says he will slit her throat. 


She kept her dignity and self-respect aside, 

 just wanted those magical days to come by. 


She kept begging for him to come back, 

but he was too busy fucking his tramp. 


She went nuts to find her love back, 

But instead she sees his mistress bra with straps. 


She shivers, tears her hair off, 

she was just disgusted what her vagina felt of. 


She tears his clothes and wrecks his room, 

she regrets those days when the love bloomed.


Fairy lights reminded her of those beautiful nights,

his giggles during sex was she craved every time.


 She couldn’t help thinking of the time at the beach,

When she lied on his lap while he smoked his ciggies. 


Those joyful bike rides amidst the lush green, 

And walking on the grass when high on weed. 


time in showers got longer, 

 Her friends advised her to be stronger.


Morning starts with sympathy turning into hatred,

Soon all those wonderful memories will be faded.


 she dances to 90s hits locked in the room,

She wonders when she will get over this gloom.


Looking back it all seemed a lie, 

These bitter feelings will surely die. 


Her mommy says, you’ve wrecked his room, you shouldn’t cry,

forget everything and reach for the sky.

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