Heart Washed Ashore

By Neethu Roy 


I asked you to bring me something from your memories.

You brought me all the stars in the Universe;

You brought me their gleam, their glimmer.

And I, I stood there consumed by their warmth.

In that moment, I realized that you will always love me more.


I waited for the dewdrop to come home;

But you painted for me dark blue skies and thunder.

The clouds brought me to you and I stayed; I stayed

Because there was no part of me that hadn't felt the rain.

In that moment, I realized you were my comfort; my ease.


I stretched out my hand to touch that petal.

And you flooded me with peaches and flowers,

You made me believe in orange trees and destinies;

I watched our euphoria take over my dreams.

In that moment, I realized that you were my escape.


I let myself fall asleep on your lap and heard our time tick away.

I guessed correctly then, that Time would be our antagonist.

And I must say, she played it quite well.

I couldn’t feel the scent of your laughter anymore.

In that moment, I realized that I had already lost you.


The sun of my reason has set. 

My thoughts have set sail and

My heart was washed ashore last night.

Take me to the bottom of the ocean.

There, I will build you a sandcastle.”


I'm sorry I let my mind strike those words out; 

I hadn't realized that they were stories from another world;

I hadn't realized that I was erasing your dream.

I'm sorry I didn't even feel the heat of your fire;

I was so consumed in mine.


Think of happy places, happy people; they said.

But in all my thoughts, I saw myself with you.

You are my happiness. The period I refused to place.

You are the ink-spot that refused to wash off.

Come be my snowfall again; I promise I won’t hurt the flakes.


Our yesterdays were so beautiful. Oh yes, they were!

They've held most of our smiles and best of our memories.

Frightened at the sight of our dreams coming true

I don't want our tomorrows to meet.

So hold my hand one last time and wish me a Good Life.


Let our destinies lay buried under the shade of our Orange Tree.

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  • I really like the writing style, the way love is depicted with nature. It can’t be any more beautiful.

    Abhidnya Bhave

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