He never backed again.


I got a gift; 
from almighty big.
From the box;
a birdie peeped.
He was pretty;
on his blue.
Little red eyes;
glittered and glued.
Him I loved,
so never caged,
in my big heart room,
he happily stayed.
Sometimes in forever,
He gazed outside.
The beautiful Heaven
must looked to him bright.
The Maple tree
perpendicularly stood.
He loved to sing,
sitting on my roof.
Every evening,
happened the same.
I never thought,
to check on him again
But then their one day,
he never backed.
I stood worried
near the window pane.
Dusk filled around,
A new dawn came.
I kept waiting...
He never backed again.
He never backed again.

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  • This is fantastic…. I liked it very much….


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